Bobbi Kristina Brown: Inside the Family's Plan for the Future

"Bobby is not thinking about the money and never has been," says a family source

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Ever since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in her bathroom on Jan. 31, her family has struggled with some difficult decisions.

“It’s on our mind, what we should do,” a family member tells PEOPLE. “We don’t know the answer.”

For nearly 10 weeks, the only daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has remained in a medically induced coma. One attempt to lift the coma ended in violent seizures.

Family members – including grandmother Cissy Houston – acknowledge that there is little hope of recovery but are determined to wait as long as it takes for a change in the 22-year-old’s condition.

But the longer that she remains unresponsive, family members continue to worry about permanent effects.

“If she’s in there somewhere, and I hope to Jesus that she is, what would happen if she woke up? I don’t know,” says the family member. “She hasn’t been walking or even sitting up.”

Still, the family will not give up – and has no plan to remove her life support. “You have to put yourself in Bobby’s position,” says the source. “If there was a 1% chance that she was in there, wouldn’t you wait? Your daughter would deserve that.”

For now, Bobby is a regular visitor by his daughter’s side, although TMZ reports that he may soon be contractually obligated to perform some shows in Australia.

“He doesn’t care or want to do it,” says the relative. “It’s more important to him that he spends his time with Krissy. So we’ll see what happens.”

Despite reports of the family squabbling over Bobbi’s reported $20 million inheritance from Whitney Houston, the family maintains that money is not an issue.

“Bobby is not thinking about the money and never has been,” says the family source. “I want to think that Pat and Gary [Houston] aren’t thinking about the money either. We all want what’s best for Krissy, and that has never changed. It doesn’t matter if she has $20 million or $2 in the bank. We love her and want her to recover.”

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