Dolls, nail decals, koozies and other weird ways to pay homage to the legendary musician on his birthday

By Kelli Bender
February 06, 2014 01:50 PM
Credit: Etsy

Bob Marley would have been 69 years old on Thursday. Though the singer passed away in 1981, his musical legacy of love, peace and acceptance continues to earn new generations of fans.

For many of those fans, among them controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford, Feb. 6 is a day to celebrate Marley’s musical contributions and influence. Known for his Marley dance moves (and much more), Ford officially declared the singer’s birthday as “Bob Marley Day” in his city.

Other Marley aficionados have found less grandiose, but equally dedicated ways to express the message of “One Love” through Etsy craft projects. Check out some Bob Marley Etsy finds that leave us wondering, could they be loved?

1. These shoes were made for jamming

2. Marley’s animal fans include more than “Three Little Birds”

3. You should never be far from the thing you love, even if it’s a beverage

4. Experience the joyful peace of knowing Bob Marley always has your back

5. Nailed it!

6. Now you know what Bob looks like all dolled up

7. It’s never too early to learn that “everything’s going to be alright”

8. I shot the sheriff … with a glitter gun

9. Marley knows the secret to simple, satisfying coffee

Soundtrack not included with spoon, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

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