"I liked being Peaches Geldof's dad," the Irish rocker says of the fame his girl had earned

Credit: Franziska Krug/Getty

Three months after his daughter Peaches died at 25, likely of a heroin overdose, Bob Geldof has given his first public interview about the tragedy – revealing how devastated he is by the loss, and how proud he was to be her father.

“It’s intolerable,” the Irish rocker tells ITV’s Lorraine, a British talk show. “It’s very hard, as everybody must realize, especially if it happened to them, too. And what else do you do? You get on with it.”

Waves of grief still wash over him unexpectedly, says the Boomtown Rats frontman, 62.

“I’m walking down the road, and suddenly, out of the blue, there’s an awareness of her and I buckle,” he says. “I have to duck off into a lane or something and blub for a while, and then get on with it. And that’s it. So, I’d imagine that will be there for a long time. I mean, what else?”

The knighted musician has had a legendary career. But in recent years he’d become known to many young people as the father of Peaches, who had made a name for herself as a model, writer and TV personality. And for that, he was immensely proud.

“This young girl had made such an impact, especially on her generation,” he says. “When the Rats got back together last year, we went out on tour I was walking around Leeds, and people would come up to me and say, ‘You’re Peaches Geldof’s dad, aren’t you?’ And I’d say yes. But I liked it. I liked being Peaches Geldof’s dad.”

Peaches left behind her musician husband Thomas Cohen and two young sons, Astala, 2, and Phaedra, 14 months. Sir Bob, who lost his own mother as a boy, says it’s a blessing, in a heartbreaking way, that the children are so young.

“They are so small, the little chaps, that I’m not sure they’ll have this craving to remember their mum. And I think that is healthy,” he says. “They are young enough, you know this terrible expression, to be able to build emotion relationships away from the primary relationship with the mother.”