Bo Diddley Sues Nike

Nike has hit a sour note with guitar legend Bo Diddley, 71, who is suing the clothing and athletic shoe company because, he says, last year it marketed nearly 28,000 T-shirts with his name, face and the slogan, “You Don’t Know Diddley.” In a suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court, Diddley (whose real name is Ellas McDaniel) says he did have an agreement with Nike, but that was in 1989 and it was only set to last two years. The company allegedly contacted Diddley’s managers last year about manufacturing more of the shirts, but the two sides did not come to terms. The musician claims the company ignored letters to cease and desist selling the shirts, and a rep for Diddley’s management told The New York Times, “This is a clear case of a big bully picking on the little guy.” No comment from Nike.

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