Blink-182 Struggles Through Show After DJ AM's Death

Travis Barker and band members perform through tears in memory of their friend

Photo: Derek Steele/BuzzFoto

Having expressed his sadness earlier in the day via Twitter about the loss of his friend DJ AM, Travis Barker had to face the music – and the crowd – at a Blink-182 concert Saturday night in Hartford, Conn.

“This night is really hard for us on stage,” bassist Mark Hoppus said from the stage. “We lost a dear friend yesterday. His name was Adam Goldstein. You probably know him as DJ AM. He was an innovator and a genius and he loved music more than anything else. Above all he was a dear friend.”

Before the show – as Barker’s son Landon, 5, stood on stage drumming against the wall with a pair of drumsticks – crewmembers tossed TRV$ DJ-AM CDs into the audience. The CD features a collaboration between Barker and Goldstein.

During the concert, the trio asked the crowd for a moment of silence to honor their “dear friend Adam.” As the lights dimmed, audience members raised their lighters above their heads in a show of respect. Fans also yelled out, “I love you guys,” as members of the group began to cry.

A song in Goldstein’s honor followed. “This song is called ‘Down.’ and it goes something like this,” said Hoppus. As guitarist Tom DeLonge delivered the lyric “I need you so bad,” tears rolled down the cheeks of all three members of Blink-182.

“We are doing our very best to get through this show,” said Hoppus, “but right now it’s very hard.”

Barker’s Reaction

At the song’s conclusion, Barker – who had been Goldstein’s fellow survivor in a September 2008 plane crash – rubbed his eyes and held his head in his hands. Despite jokes from his bandmates about sex, drugs and drinking, Barker remained silent and did not smile or laugh. He also did not interact with the crowd, and left the stage before DeLonge finished the song.

Once the concert ended, Hoppus returned to the stage and told the crowd, “Thank you very much. Although today is one of the hardest days in our entire lives, we wouldn’t want to spend it anywhere else. Thank you for all of your support.”

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