D. Allen Sadler's experiment saw him ask for hugs, blindfolded, on the streets of Montgomery, Alabama

By Alex Heigl
August 03, 2016 01:25 PM

Would you stand on a street corner, blindfolded, asking strangers to hug you?

We wouldn’t blame you for saying no, but after watching this video, you might have slightly fewer doubts.

D. Allen Sadler’s “blind trust experiment” is getting passed around Facebook this week after being posted on July 28. In it, the man stands blindfolded on a busy sidewalk in Montgomery, Alabama, next to a sign that says, “You do not have to fear me! I count … U count …. We count! I trust u, do u trust me? Let’s hug.”

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Displaying much more trust in a man standing next to a sign that reads “You do not have to fear me,” many of the citizens of Montgomery embraced Sadler, though he never removed his blindfold to see exactly who was doing the hugging.

“Just 50 years ago this simple act of LOVE would have probably had me hanging from a tree,” Sadler wrote in his post. “It’s not the same old South … Love will win over fear.”