Plus, more star sightings!
Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage

That’s one prized pooch!

Blake Lively took her Maltipoo Penny to the vet in Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, last Thursday and a lucky fan caught it all on Twitter.

@Larissakozoriz Tweeted that she met the Gossip Girl actress during her stop into the vet’s office, writing “Well my wish came true met Blake lively!” and sharing a photo with her followers.

When asked what it was like to meet the star, Larissa replied, “Pretty star struck But she is a very very nice woman.. Beautiful.. Pictures do not do her justice! Memorable moment!”

A dedicated dog owner, Lively has said of her adorable pup in the past,”It doesn’t get old. She’s perpetually a puppy, and every time I see her, it’s the first time I saw her.”