"She had 250 photos, and she wanted all those elements in her wedding," Tara Guérard tells PEOPLE
Credit: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

The setting, the dress, the decorations – Blake Lively knew exactly what she wanted, in intimate detail, for her wedding last month to Ryan Reynolds.

“She had pages and pages of pictures. She knew everything that she wanted from the very beginning to the very end,” wedding planner Tara Guérard told PEOPLE Monday at the Martha Stewart Weddings Bridal Fashion Week party in New York.

“The problem was she had 250 photos, and she wanted all those elements in her wedding,” Guérard added.

The results, though, were stunning. “[From] simple, elegant flowers to comfortable seating, she wanted the wedding to be very family and friend-oriented, very private,” Guérard said. “It was in a barn, and it was really fun to take this rustic barn element and dress it up inside. It was really lovely, lots of candles, just like she has at home. … She wanted it to feel just like she was at home.”

It was a “charming, charming wedding,” added Martha Stewart, who was among the attendees at the Mt. Pleasant, S.C., nuptials. “Real people, real love. Just really nice [and] personal, which I think is what a wedding must and should be.”

Stewart said her favorite part of the wedding involved the couple’s dogs, but was coy about what role they played. Guérard likewise was reluctant to give details, but revealed: “I did do some flowers for the dogs.”

Darcy Miller, editorial director at Martha Stewart Weddings, which is preparing a photo package from the wedding for its December issue, said the scene in the barn was unbelievably romantic.

“You just looked around the room, and all the candles were glowing, and they just looked so happy,” she said. “You know, I was with them yesterday, and I said to them, ‘I have a never seen a bride and a groom sit at a table so long and just look at each other and talk to each other.’ … Everyone there was just so happy for them.”

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, the Marchesa co-founders who designed Lively’s wedding dress, said it was a joy to work with the bride.

“Blake is incredibly stylish, and she really knew what she wanted,” Craig said. “It was very much how we do a lot of brides. We started with a lot of sketches, and we sit down and talk through the sketches until we came to the final dress She just wanted to be romantic and beautiful.”