Blake Lively Has On-Set Wedding Celebration

The newlywed receives well wishes – and even a toast – while shooting Gossip Girl

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Blake Lively was back to work Monday – but her return to the Gossip Girl set wasn’t all business.

The newlywed, 25, received many words of congratulations on her marriage to Ryan Reynolds, and was even toasted to, according to a set source, who says that while filming a scene, the cast raised a glass to Lively with faux Champagne – which was actually ginger ale.

One of the show’s producers also wished her well. “[The producer] said, ‘Someone got hitched!! Mazel tov!'” the source tells PEOPLE. “Blake said, ‘I know, I heard,’ and then laughed and said, ‘Thank you so much!’ ”

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And the new bride – who was not wearing her oval pink diamond engagement ring while in character – was clearly glowing. “Blake is stunning,” said the source. “She looked absolutely gorgeous.”

Blake & Ryan: Serene and Happy

Of course, Lively has good reason to glow. She and Reynolds, 35, pulled off an intimate wedding in South Carolina, followed by a low-key honeymoon. Over the weekend, they were spotted in Virginia where they stayed at the upscale Inn at Little Washington.

On Saturday, Reynolds and Lively stopped in at the Stonyman Gourmet Farmer, a high-end café that serves farm-to-table food and is known for its handmade cheeses.

“They came in and bought some farmstead cheese and house baked goods to go,” an observer tells PEOPLE. “They said they were going to walk around town, which is really, really small – two streets wide and five streets long. It was beautiful on Saturday, with fall just starting. It was a great day for a walk.”

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And Reynolds was ever the gentleman with his new bride. “He was very courtly, which is a word we like to use around here,” the observer adds. “He was very sweet to her. They seemed very serene and happy to be with each other. They seemed right at home.”

Happily, the lovebirds were able to maintain a low profile, as no one in the café batted an eye at the Hollywood couple. “Nobody noticed them, says the observer. “They were like anybody else who comes in. They had a very nice way about them.”

With reporting by K.C. BAKER

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