Blake Lively & Ryan Gosling Get Cozy in New York

They are nearly inseparable at the premiere after-party for Gosling s new film, Blue Valentine

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Hahn-Nebinger-Orban/Abaca

Ryan Gosling‘s new movie Blue Valentine almost got an NC-17 rating, but the actor kept the flirtation with Blake Lively noticeably G-rated at the film’s premiere after-party.

Still, the pair were almost inseparable as they engaged in close conversation Thursday night while the Quintessentially-sponsored event spun around them at The Top of the Standard at the Standard Hotel in New York. At one point, Gosling started to leave Lively’s side and the actress yanked him back to continue chatting, according to an observer.

As the party wound down, they headed downstairs to the hotel’s Standard Grill to dine with two other companions.

Lively, 23, and Gosling, 30, were first spotted together in October at Disneyland where they took in the sights and some ice cream at the park, an appropriate setting since Gosling once was a Mouseketeer.

Neither of the actors is admitting to anything serious. “She’s an incredible actress; she’s a good friend,” Gosling told PEOPLE at a lunch Thursday for Blue Valentine in New York at the Kimberly Hotel.

When asked generally about romances between actors and actresses, Gosling says, “You’re not allowed to have friends in this business.”


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