Blake Lively Returns to Work on Set of 'Gossip Girl'

The actress was spotted Monday morning in New York City talking on the phone

Photo: Elder Ordonez/INF

Spotted: Newlywed Blake Lively getting back to work.

The actress returned to the New York City set of Gossip Girl on Monday – and was photographed talking on the phone in a jacket that appears to be hiding some seriously stylish Serena van der Woodsen duds.

Lively, 25, and Ryan Reynolds, 35, tied the knot Sept. 9 in a secret ceremony near Charleston, S.C., where they were spotted days later shopping and smiling by locals.

“They promised to support and love each other and to make each other laugh,” a source told PEOPLE of their vows.

The season 6 premiere of Gossip Girl airs Oct. 8.

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