Courtesy Blake Lively
June 30, 2015 03:15 PM

Talk about animal magnetism.

Blake Lively, never afraid to get cheeky on social media, showed off a fun, wild side with a hilarious Instagram post Tuesday.

In the snap, the 27-year-old Age of Adaline star can be seen kissing the nose of a giraffe, as she feeds a leaf to it while gently reining it in.

But it was the actress’ caption that lit up the Instagram post.

“…that time I went girl on girl,” she wrote, adding the hashtag #CouldveDoneWithALittleLessTongue.

(Something tells us hubby Ryan Reynolds need not be too worried.)

Lively certainly embraces her inner Instagram prankster, and this isn’t the first time she’s posted a cheeky caption or photo.

In April she shared a pic of her sister Robyn Lively shoving a celery stick up her nose during a cooking class.

And a few weeks later, the actress plastered a shirtless pic of Reynolds on Instagram, along with a naughty caption.

We have to wonder if her latest animal encounter puts Lively ahead in the famous Reynolds-Lively social media saga?

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