The Gossip Girl star eats pork burritos instead of exercising!

By Steve Helling
July 07, 2009 11:40 AM

Although Blake Lively is known for wearing skimpy outfits on the set of Gossip Girl, the 21-year-old star confesses that she doesn’t do anything to make her body look good.

“I do panic before I have to wear a really skimpy outfit, but I don’t have enough willpower,” she tells the August issue of UK Glamour Magazine. “I had to do a scene in a bra and shorts for the first time in two years,” she continues. “On the day of the shoot, I ate a pork burrito, chips and coke. Afterwards, I thought, ‘I probably shouldn’t have done that.’ But whatever.”

So maybe she doesn’t eat right, but at least she exercises, right? Wrong! “I have never worked out, but I know you feel better when you do,” she says, “so I am planning on getting a trainer.

Lively, who has previously refuted reports of discord on the Gossip set, tells the magazine that she gets along well with her costars. “We hang out after filming,” she insists. “We actually look forward to spending time together outside of work.”

That includes her real-life leading man Penn Badgley, although she admits she was unhappy when he was cast on the series. “At first I was so upset that they hired him,” she says. “I actually poisoned the whole cast against him. But then they noticed that he wasn’t a jerk and was actually a really nice, charming person. Almost immediately I realized that too, but it took me about a week to admit it.”

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