March 29, 2013 09:30 AM

Ever since she went to school in the south of France, Blake Lively has been dreaming of how she’ll one day create her perfect kitchen.

“My kitchen is the most important part of my home,” the actress, 25, tells Elle Decor. “I want to be creative and innovative, not only in its aesthetic, but also in the tools that I’m using to cook.”

Now that she’s married to Ryan Reynolds and living in a $2 million home in Bedford, N.Y., the star is ready to start making those kitchen dreams a reality.

While studying abroad, she learned about La Cornue, a high-end manufacturer of kitchen ranges. “I was on a road trip, stuck in traffic, when I looked to my left saw the most beautiful ranges I’ve ever seen in my life. I left my car there and jumped out to run to the window. Everybody was honking at me. I took a picture of the window and I thought: One day I’m going to have that!

Lively, it seems, is a young Martha Stewart in the making: One of the reasons the couple chose their home? “We loved the kitchen,” she says. “It’s really the family room.”

She plans to outfit her kitchen with the range she loves, and will now have to compete with another chef in the family to use it.

“I’ll have to fight my mom for it,” jokes the star. “She is an amazing chef.” The family is full of them, it seems. “We’ve got a big family, and we’re very close,” adds Lively. “My brothers are great at pies, and the girls usually do the savory things.”

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