By People Staff
Updated March 30, 2007 06:00 AM

Age: 25
Relationship Status: Single
Pre-Idol: Performed as an a cappella musician, including a four-year gig with the Seattle group Kickshaw
Why He Auditioned: “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. I’ve done improv comedy and rap videos with my friends, which are on YouTube. Doing that prepped me for being on TV.”
Idol Style: “I started to make my own pants when I was in Seattle because I don’t wear jeans,” says Lewis, who has six tattoos. “I only wear these Caddyshack pants – I call them Grandpa pants. I like to put a little funk into everything.”
Backstage Secret: “I’m sexually frustrated! I broke up with my girlfriend right before Hollywood week, which was sad. I have no game. I get scared because I regard women as the most beautiful creatures in the world. But when (I’m performing), it’s easier because then they come talk to me. A tour could be fun!”
Who’s On His iPod? “I love Robin Thicke. I wanted to do his music on the show but he didn’t give clearance. Darn that Robin!”

Haley Scarnato: The Hottie

Age: 24
Relationship Status: Engaged to Bobby Krudwig, a sales executive
Pre-Idol: Wedding singer in her native San Antonio
Fame Factor: Although she thinks it’s “cute” that she has a fan club called “Haley’s Comet,” Scarnato doesn’t want to know much more than that. “I completely stay away from the Internet and gossip – it’s scary,” she says. “I got recognized recently, which was weird. They said something about my mole!”
Guest Mentor She’s Psyched to Meet: “Martina McBride,” says the country fan. “I love her.”
What’s On Her iPod? “I love Elvis, which is shocking to people for some reason.”
On Being Judged: “Some comments are pretty harsh. Ryan lightens the mood. It’s nice to have him on that big stage next to you.”