By People Staff
Updated May 14, 2007 03:00 PM

Beat-boxing sensation Blake Lewis revealed his alter-ego, BShorty, for a local crowd Friday night while celebrating his Seattle homecoming. Though millions of Idol fans are familiar with Lewis’ rhythmic prowess, the finalist surprised Seattle residents when he showed up at a concert by local hip-hop outfit Blue Scholars. According to reports, Lewis leveled the club with a musical blitz that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer described as a “five-minute beatbox tirade.” (Yes, that’s apparently a good thing.) And while BShorty – er, Lewis – may have stunned audience members, it turns out that he’s known Blue Scholars’ DJ Alexei “Sabzi” Mohajerjasbi since junior high. Said Lewis at the show: “The first time I rocked a mic, Sabzi was on Rhodes.” Ah, formative experiences! But Lewis hasn’t forgotten his local roots, and he’s even worn the band’s t-shirt on national television.