Despite his not being charged in the unsolved May 4 murder of his wife, Robert Blake has beefed up his legal defense team. Barry Levin, a former L.A. police sergeant who defended brothers Erik and Lyle Menendez (they were eventually convicted of killing their parents), will now work alongside Blake attorney Harland Braun, who began representing Blake within hours after Bonny Lee Bakley was shot to death. Asked by the Associated Press why a man who has not been charged with anything would want to hire two powerful attorneys, Levin replied, “He’s very smart. When you’re the focus of an investigation, your instincts are all wrong and you need someone to advise you.” Levin added, “I know in my heart that Robert Blake is innocent.” Meanwhile, Braun announced on Tuesday that Bakley was planning to swindle Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey in the months before she was killed, according to a list Braun said he had found. The lawyer said that Bakley never did contact Busey, but she did reach his mother in hopes of getting his address and phone number.