'Blair Witch' on Video, Soon

Halloween parties could be a little creepier than usual this year. The sleeper hit “The Blair Witch Project” is going on sale in video stores on Oct. 22. Artisan Entertainment said Wednesday it would release the horror picture on VHS ($22.98) and DVD ($29.98) and is also considering re-releasing the picture in theaters around Halloween.

  • On the same subject, Variety reports that Trimark Pictures has snatched up the rights to several spoofs of “Blair Witch,” all offering varied riffs on getting lost while searching for something mysterious. The parodies — including “The Blonde Witch Project,” “The Griffith Witch Project,” “The Watts’ Bitch Project” and “The Big Foot Project” — are all set to premiere on the studio’s upstart ‘Netcasting site CinemaNow. The site will bow by the end of September.

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