Blaine the Bane of Some Londoners

Some Londoners aren’t being cricket when it comes to illusionist David Blaine, who since Friday has been suspended from a crane in a glass box over the River Thames.

His goal is to remain there for 44 days without food. But since his suspension, the illusionist, 30, has been pelted with such objects as golf balls, teased with the smell of fish and chips and awakened by a man banging a drum, according to published reports.

Police tell Reuters that officers were called in late Monday night to deal with one man who was throwing eggs at Blaine’s box.

“The man was given a stern talking to. But he was not arrested,” a police spokesman said.

Perhaps part of Blaine’s problem is that he’s said to be causing additional traffic problems to London’s already clogged streets, with drivers crossing the city’s Tower Bridge slowing down to take a look at him.

Then again, perhaps the New York-born Blaine’s American ingenuity in devising the stunt loses something in its translation on the other side of the Atlantic.

“We were watching him at home on TV, and it was really dull so, we thought we would come down and liven things up,” impromptu drummer Shiraz Azam, 21, told London’s Evening Standard Monday. “I wanted to wake him up.”

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