Aggressive Grandmas, determined Dads and feisty 5-year-olds are sure to cramp your Black Friday style

Black Friday is upon us!

The day after Thanksgiving kicks off the unofficial start to holiday shopping.

After we gorge ourselves with turkey and explain to Aunt Connie for the millionth time why we aren’t married yet, it’s tradition for many to wake up at the crack of dawn in the hopes of making headway on our holiday shopping lists.

With full bellies and empty carts, those brave enough to venture out into the madness will likely make it home with a hefty discount on the latest gadgets – but not before running into aggressive grandmas, determined dads and feisty 5-year-olds.

Let this video serve as a reminder of just how quickly we can snap out of the Holiday spirit when we see those markdowns.

Be safe out there!