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November 30, 2013 10:00 AM

Black Friday earned its name for a reason. It is a dark time when shoppers go into beast mode and forget the warm feelings of family, friendship and gravy they experienced the day before. There’s grabbing, snarling, waiting, pushing. None of that sounds fun to us – even if it’s for an affordable flat-screen.

To help you win the holidays this year and avoid getting into fisticuffs with local shoppers, we created a gift guide overflowing with unique, celebrity-inspired items you won’t likely find at 4 a.m. at your town shopping center. Clear off your Black Friday shopping schedule and use our list to stock up now.

iPhone-Driven Toy Cars from Anki Drive

Anki Drive starter kit and Chris Hemsworth (inset)
Bryan Bedder/Getty; Courtesy Anki

Inspired By: Chris Hemsworth in Rush

Where To Get It: or the Apple Store

Price: $199.99

Whom It’s For: The Inner Child
Anki cars are ideal for the sleek, smartphone-toting businessman who slyly wears Converse shoes with his suits and plays Angry Birds during meetings. This fun-for-the-whole-family game is a modernized version of slot car races, equipped with artificial intelligence that allows users to race robotic cars, each with their own personality, while manning their own hot rod through an app on their iPhone. Plus, Patrick Stewart‘s empowering voice guides racers through the tutorial, and who doesn’t want to get commands from Captain Picard?

California Ghost Town Complete with Liquor License

Ghost town in Seneca, Calif., and Matthew McConaughey (inset)
Steve Granitz/WireImage; Craigslist

Inspired By: Matthew McConaughey‘s Run-Ins with Ghosts

Price: $225,000

Where To Get It:

Whom It’s For: Anti-Social Bartenders
Attention aspiring mixologists! Master your craft without any of the embarrassing criticism or obnoxious drunks. This ghost town in Seneca, Calif., has a full practice bar free of earthly patrons. As the owner, you might be bothered by a thirsty ghost or two – so make sure to have Matthew McConaughey on call. The actor has experienced ghostly visits from the afterlife and is probably game to calm down phantom girls with Magic Mike dances followed by barely-there bongo sessions.

Can of Dragon Meat

Emilia Clarke and a can of dragon meat
Steve Granitz/WireImage; ThinkGeek

Inspired By: Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen from Games of Thrones

Price: $9.99

Where To Get It:

Whom It’s For: Aspiring King Joffreys
Just like the twerpy tween king played by Jack Gleeson on Game of Thrones, there are real-life people excited by the potential to ruin a good time. A supreme start for this path of destruction is chowing down on everyone’s favorite mythical creature. For your own protection, make sure to keep Emilia Clarke out of the loop on this gift exchange.

Shark Sleeping Bag

Shark sleeping bag and Jessica Alba (inset)
Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks; Amazon

Inspired By: Jessica Alba‘s Great White Activism

Price: $229.95

Where To Get It:

Whom It’s For: Jaws Lovers of all Sizes
Know someone who thinks great whites have an unfair reputation? This sleeping bag allows shark fans to show how much they care by truly becoming one with the sea creature. It’s certainly better than sleeping with the fishes, and more legal than committing vandalism to raise awareness about the toothy swimmers.

Trip to Space on Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic ship and Lady Gaga (inset)
Splash News Online;Courtesy Virgin Galactic

Inspired By: Lady Gaga‘s Concert in Space

Price: $250,000

Where To Get It: Virgin Galactic

Who It’s For: Space Cadet Co-Workers
Is there life on Mars? We don’t know. But your day-dreaming deskmate might. Stop watching this co-worker stare off into space and just send her there. The place above the atmosphere is looking like a hip spot to be, with commercial flights already booked and Lady Gaga scheduled to perform at zero-gravity. Make sure your co-worker gives you credit for your present and tags you in all her Instagrams.

Ornament Featuring Artwork by President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush and his painted Christmas ornament
NBC/Getty; Courtesy George W. Bush

Inspired By: George W. Bush’s Crafty New Hobby

Price: $29.98

Where To Get It: George W. Bush Institute

Whom It’s For: Humble Braggers
There is always that one friend who finds a way to causally mention the one time they saw Dylan McDermott at Hale & Hearty or did some part-time modeling in high school. This ornament serves as an easy addition to this friend’s stock of “subtle” stories about their brushes with fame. We can already hear them: “Oh, are you admiring my ornament? You won’t believe who painted it for me.”

Custom Pee Wee’s Playhouse Chairy Chair

Natasha Lyonne and a custom-made Pee Weeamp#39;s Playhouse Chairy chair
Rob Kim/Getty; Craigslist

Inspired By: The Playhouse Past of Orange is the New Black‘s Natasha Lyonne

Price: $200

Where To Get It:

Whom It’s For: Nostalgia Junkies
True masters of TV trivia should know that Lyonne was hopping round with Pee Wee and Cowboy Curtis before she stepped into a prison jumpsuit for Orange is the New Black. These same folks would treasure this Chairy replica to place alongside their Care Bears thermoses and signed photo of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. This one-of-a-kind piece has the potential to really bring a room together, but sadly this Chairy is not equipped with secret words or the power of speech.

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