Blac Chyna alleged Tyga hasn't been paying child support for their 4-year-old son King Cairo in a series of expletive-ridden Snapchats

By Aurelie Corinthios
March 29, 2017 11:30 AM

Blac Chyna put her ex Tyga on blast Wednesday in a series of expletive-ridden Snapchats.

The reality star took to the social media app to make several serious — and somewhat confusing — claims about the rapper, alleging that he didn’t pay child support for their 4-year-old son King Cairo.

Chyna, 28, started her rant by writing that it was now “funny” to her how Tyga, 27, allegedly behaved following their split several years ago. (The two met when Chyna starred in Tyga’s “Rack City” music video in 2011 and welcomed King in October 2012. They got engaged shortly afterwards, but broke it off by August 2014.)

According to Chyna, Tyga kicked her out, wanting “to see me fail” and “grind from the dirt.”

“No child support!” she wrote, alleging Tyga didn’t pay a certain “Jenny.”

Credit: Blac Chyna/Snapchat

“Stop running to ur money! Telling my business about King!” she continued.

Chyna also referred to her ex by his legal first name, Michael.

“I bet any money! I got more money then [sic] ur account Tyga, Michael!!!” she wrote. “So go tell Kylie [Jenner], and Rob [Kardashian]! About our son account! Cause that’s the only reason I’m contacting [you]! But u wanna make it like I want u lol!”

Credit: Blac Chyna/Snapchat

Chyna went on to call the rapper a “bitch,” taunting him to “go get ur mom or ur bitch,” and seemingly alleged that Tyga was unfaithful, mentioning a “Terrell” and a “Heather.” (A rep for Tyga did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment.)

Chyna signed off by posting an address in Encino, California, which, as it turns out, is the address of her beauty boutique Lashed.

Hours later, Chyna followed up with another Snapchat, though she didn’t specify exactly who it was aimed at.

“Imma be glad when both y’all stop calling each other about me!” she wrote. “Ugh y’all acting like I got y’all on child support! Keep my name out y’all mouth! Weirdos.”

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Meanwhile, Tyga — who has had a string of financial problems in recent years — told reporters last weekend that he’s trying to “cut back” on lavish gifts for King to keep him from getting spoiled.

“He likes everything I like — cars, women, jewelry,” Tyga told PEOPLE at the grand opening of Daylight pool’s LIT party in Las Vegas on Sunday.

“I’m trying to cut back with him on the gifts because he gets very, very spoiled,” Tyga told E! News. “He thinks he is supposed to have all of that, so I have to teach him that I work hard to get everything.”

“He’s kind of like, ‘Pick me up from school in the Bentley in my Bentley car seat,’ ” added the rapper. “Not that he’s spoiled, but that’s all he knows. You’ve got to teach him other things and that you’ve got to work for that stuff.”