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November 09, 2016 09:46 AM

Celebrity encounters are not all glitz and glam.

In fact, more often than not, people randomly into celebrities in the least glamorous places: The bathroom, the elevator, the airplane, and even the egg aisle at the supermarket.

Here are 17 of the most random celebrity-normal person encounters we could find on Reddit:

1. “I had Bill Nye burst into my elevator at the airport. ‘Will this get me to the D gates!?’ ‘Uh, no, this is domestics only.’ ‘OK, thanks!’ and out he jumped. To this day I’ll never know if Bill Nye the Science Guy made his flight.”

2. “Alice Cooper was playing a show in my hometown a couple of years back. I was walking in to a local establishment for breakfast that morning, and there he was just having a bite to eat with the band. I walked up and said hello and that I am a big fan and was looking forward to the show he was putting on that evening. I then realized this guy probably gets the same spiel every place he goes, so I told him to enjoy his meal and that I’d leave him alone. Well, I’ll be dammed if that son of a bitch didn’t invite me to join him and the crew for breakfast. We sat there for another hour or so just bullshitting. Then like a chump, I picked up the bill.”

3. “In Hollywood doing wanna-be rockstar stuff … my band found a lady parked on Sunset Blvd with a flat tire. Since we were all nice boys, we changed her tire. After shaking hands and saying thanks … we were on our way back to our van when she came back over with something in her hands. At first I thought it was money and was mentally preparing for the refusing her cash when she handed me a few 8×10, autographed headshots. It was Meg Ryan. None of us recognized her.”


4. I was eating with friends in a restaurant in Beverly Hills years ago when I still lived in LA. The tables were really close together and there wasn’t a lot of room between the seats. So I had been there for about five minutes when they seated someone at the table directly behind me. The chairs were close enough that the backs could touch. The thing was, the person kept trying to push his chair against mine to get more room. Rather than turn around and confront this jackass, I pushed my chair against his. So after I did that, he gets up and walks out. So I told the people at my table what an asshole that guy was, that he was trying to push my seat into the table. ‘Who, Morgan Freeman?’ I looked over and saw a very pissed-off looking Morgan Freeman leaving the restaurant.”

5. “I played paintball with Will Smith.”

6. “I sat next to Natalie Portman at a college graduation. She was the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen. The ceremony was really long and outside. She brought a snack with her, some grapes in a cup. She ate them with a spoon. Not even Natalie Portman can make awkwardly chasing grapes around a cup trying to get them to stay on her tiny plastic spoon and not fall off on the way to her mouth look cool.”

7. “I was 17 in N.Y.C., just came back from spending the summer at the beach. I saw Jackie O getting into a green Mercedes. I asked for a ride to 81st & Lexington, as my grandparents lived there. She looked me up and down, gave a slight smile and said ‘No.’ Pretty cool encounter.”

8. “I was visiting family in Michigan when I met Eminem. I was given a list of food to buy at the grocery store the night before Thanksgiving, so I’m standing there eying eggs when I see a guy in a hoodie walk up to the milk. I glance at him, then go on about my egg-buying business. He starts messing around with the milk jugs, so I look at him again and recognize him. I kind of fidgeted for a minute before I asked, ‘Are you who I think you are?’ His epic reply? ‘If I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?’ We exchanged Happy Thanksgiving wishes and parted ways.”


9. “I was on a plane with Hulk Hogan once. On the backs of all of the chairs there were screens where you could watch movies, play trivia games or browse the internet. I played the trivia game, named myself ‘The Hulkster,’ and ended up pulling on 40-50 people who thought I was him.”

10. “My brother was in Austin for something or another, and Quentin Tarantino got on the elevator with my brother and his buddy. My brother finally asked, ‘You’re someone famous, aren’t you?’ Tarantino’s response was ‘F—in’ eh’ and that’s all that was said.”

11. “I met Betty White in Iraq. She was there with Al Roker and Kid Rock. Kid Rock tried to talk to me, but I told him I was there to see Betty. Betty White, what a woman.”

12. “I rang up Bono at an amusement park I worked at. I honestly don’t really care for U2 and didn’t feel particularly starstruck so I just rang him up with pleasant but generally ‘I don’t care’ attitude like I would with anyone else. At one point he said, ‘Do you know who I am?’ To which I said, ‘Yup!’ then gave him his total. That was pretty much it.”


13. “My friend was talking with a girl at a club in NYC and when he went to buy her a drink, he came back and she was now dancing with Danny Tamberelli from Pete & Pete.”

14. “I met Donald Glover after a show, and all I had for him to sign was some right-wing propaganda someone had handed me on the street. He signed that, got a kick out of it, invited us on his bus, then hooked up with my friend. He ended up inviting my friend and me to go to New York on his tour bus.”

15. “Jane Fonda gave a speech at my middle school, which was weird enough. Then I ended up waiting in line for the gross middle school bathroom with her, which was even weirder.”

16. “Jennifer Lawrence was my camp counselor.”

17. “My boyfriend peed next to Ray Charles at an airport when he was 10. I would say standing next to Ray Charles at a urinal counts as an interesting encounter.”

All posts have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.

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