"I m excited to continue with that conservation work and continue expanding who I am," she tells PEOPLE
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Bindi Irwin is committed to finishing her father’s mission.

“[We’re] so blessed to live at Australia Zoo and carry on Dad’s legacy to make sure that the zoo is constantly expanding and becoming bigger and better,” Bindi, 16, tells PEOPLE about continuing the conservation work that her father, Steve Irwin – who passed away suddenly in 2006 after a stingray attack – held so close to his heart.

“Here at Australia Zoo is really where my heart is at,” she adds.

She and her mother Terri, 50, endlessly show their love and affection for animals through their family organization, Wildlife Warriors, which Steve and Terri started in 2002.

“[We’ve] continued with all of [the Wildlife Warriors] work, so when people come to Australia Zoo, [all the money goes] back into conservation because it’s such a part of who we are,” Bindi says. “The idea is that when you get to touch and hug and feel an animal, it ultimately touches you, and so that was what my dad wanted to do – make sure people could fall in love with all of our animals by really meeting them.”

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Upon graduating from high school at the end of this year, Bindi cannot wait to get out into the world (yes, even more than she already has) to stick by nature’s side and “continue expanding who I am.”

“[Our filming work is] a great platform to be able to spread our message of wildlife and conservation to an even greater audience, so I’m looking forward to more filming projects in the future, and carrying on Dad’s legacy to make sure everything he lived and died for moves on into the future – inspiring and empowering others,” Bindi says.

Plus, Bindi’s Bootcamp is back and available on Netflix.

“A lot of the challenges [on the show] reflect my real life here at Australia Zoo, so I thought it was really fun to be able to share a little bit of what I do everyday with all of the boot-campers,” Bindi says.