"Congratulations on your very first lychee," Irwin congratulated her boyfriend after trying the fruit for the first time

By Natalie Stone
Updated January 06, 2017 08:59 PM
Source: Bindi Irwin/Instagram

Bindi Irwin just introduced her boyfriend to one of her favorite things: lychee!

The 18-year-old Dancing with the Stars alum enjoyed a picnic dinner date with Chandler Powell on Friday, where he tasted the fruit for the first time.

“It’s Chandler’s very first lychee,” Irwin, who sat alongside Powell on the grass, said in an Instagram video as she peeled the fresh fruit. “I’m really excited. And we have a whole bag of lychees here.”

And Irwin wasn’t the only one excited about the dinnertime event. “I’m excited too!” Powell, 20, admitted as he readied his palette to taste the pink fruit.

“Woo! And a little outside picnic. Are you ready for this?” Irwin proceeded to ask her boyfriend before she took control of the camera to film his reaction.

After putting the peeled fruit in his mouth, Irwin gently reminded him, “Don’t forget there’s a seed in the middle.”

So, just what did the 20-year-old professional wakeboarder, who is currently a college student in Florida, think of the taste?

“That is so good!” he told Irwin with a smile as he chewed the fruit.

“Aren’t they awesome?! They’re the best. I love lychees,” Irwin responded. “Congratulations on your very first lychee. Don’t forget there’s a seed.”

Clearly, Powell will be adding lychee to his cart the next time he goes grocery shopping.”They’re so good,” he said as he chewed the fruit. “Can you peel me another?”

“You make me so happy @ChandlerPowell. I love our dinner picnics and I’m so excited you had your first lychee! #AustralianChandler,” Irwin captioned the Instagram post.

The couple first met in November 2013 while he was visiting the Australia zoo and have been dating long-distance since then.

In early December, Irwin penned a sweet goodbye to Powell when he left Australia to return to the U.S. But just weeks later, the couple was able to reunite and celebrate the new year together in Tasmania.

“I missed you,” Irwin captioned a photo of the couple on New Year’s Day. “Wonderful to be back @AustraliaZoo after celebrating New Years in gorgeous Tasmania together. Ready for lots of fun these Australian School Holidays doing shows at #AustraliaZoo.”