Billy Bob Fondly Recalls a Jolly Jolie

The early days were great, Thornton says of his marriage to Angelina, but then they drifted.

Billy Bob Thornton, on the promotional trail for his new movie, the much-delayed “The Alamo,” paints a rosy picture of the early days of his 2000-03 marriage to Angelina Jolie — the collapse of which he blames on their having opposing ideas about the direction of their lives together.

“She’s all over the world, and I respect her for it,” Thornton, 47, tells GQ magazine, noting Jolie’s role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. “I want to stay home.”

But early on, says Thornton, “It was a great relationship. For the time we were together, we loved each other and we did it all the way. We didn’t leave any stone unturned. But we had different ideas about how we wanted to live our lives — that’s all it was.”

At one point the couple bragged in interviews that they both wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks and he sometimes wore her undies. But one thing he did not do, Thornton, insists, is cheat on his wife.

“No, no, no,” says Thornton. “That was the rumor but that was never it.”

In 2002, Jolie adopted a Cambodian-born child, whom she named Maddox, and, according to a PEOPLE cover story about Jolie last year, she had planned to raise him with Thornton. (He had three kids from two of his four previous marriages.)

But despite everything, including all their public passion and quirky declarations of intimacy (such as Thornton’s underwear admission), what went wrong?

“I’d love to know,” Jolie told the magazine. “I don’t have a f—–g clue.”

And while she said he spent his time on the road with his band while she was serving the U.N., she also said that their last interaction, the day before her 27th birthday on June 4, 2002, was ugly: “We got into a big fight. I haven’t seen him since.”

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