One Direction, Luke Bryan and The Rolling Stones also all make appearances in the top 10

By Alex Heigl
Updated May 05, 2016 04:15 PM
Credit: John Medina/LP5/Getty

Though the phenomenal success of Adele‘s most recent album contributed to the theory that the record industry might not be entirely dead yet, Billboard‘s new list of 2015’s highest-paid musicians seems to confirm the new axiom of post-digital music: Touring is what’s gonna pay the bills.

The magazine crunched numbers from an artist’s album sales, streaming revenue, publishing royalties (when other people cover or perform a song you wrote) and touring gross to come up with a final tally. Check out the top 10 below.

Total 2015 Revenue: $73.5M
Swift brought in the vast majority of 2015’s cash through her 1989 World Tour, which raked in $61.7 million dollars.

Total 2015 Revenue: $39.9M
Chesney’s “Big Revival” 2015 tour bounced him back onto Billboard‘s list after two years. He pulled in $38.1 million of his overall $39.9 million in earnings on the road, a testament to just how important hitting the road is/was for him.

3. The Rolling Stones

Total 2015 Revenue: $39.6M Even without an album to promote, the Stones remain a top concert draw, and pulled in $37.3 million for their first North American tour since 2007.

4. Billy Joel

Total 2015 Revenue: $30.1M
Joel did the Stones one better. He played just 29 shows, 12 of them at Madison Square Garden, and pulled in $30.1 million from them. $1 million a show for not even leaving your home state? That’s pretty good.

5. One Direction

Total 2015 Revenue: $19.6M
The boys actually had a more even split of revenue than a lot of other artists. They made $3.1 million in sales, $891,800 in streaming and $19.6 million in touring.

6. The Grateful Dead

Total 2015 Revenue: $23.8M
As with their entire career, the Dead did better on the road than anywhere else. Their Fare Thee Well and Dead & Company Tours pulled in $22.5 million of their overall revenue.

7. Luke Bryan

Total 2015 Revenue: $23.1M
Despite his claim that he’d rather just be huntin’ and fishin’ everyday, Bryan is actually quite the renaissance man. He sold an impressive $4 million in combined physical and digital, is country’s number 1 streaming artist, with $511,500 pulled from there and he grabbed another $17.9 million from touring.

8. U2

Total 2015 Revenue: $21.8M
The majority of U2’s revenue in 2015 came from touring ($20.6 million) as the band struggled to find a foothold between lagging album sales and streams.

9. Adele

Total 2015 Revenue: $20.5M
Adele is the biggest dark horse on this list. She didn’t tour at all, and instead made her money the old-timey way: $16.3 million from sales and $3.7 million from publishing.

10. Maroon 5

Total 2015 Revenue: $19.2M
Though the group’s latest release is two years behind them, they managed to nab $2.7 million in sales and $2.6 million in publishing, padding their $13 million and continuing to prove that The Voice is generally better for its hosts’ careers than its contestants’.

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