The FOX News commentator and his former producer agree to drop their lawsuits

By Todd Peterson
Updated October 29, 2004 08:00 AM

They have agreed not to discuss it.

FOX News host Bill O’Reilly and his former producer, 33-year-old Andrea Mackris, have reached an agreement in their legal dispute – but they’re not telling anyone what that agreement is.

On Thursday, Ronald Green, an attorney for O’Reilly, issued a statement saying the two sides have come to an agreement that “the cases and claims had been withdrawn and all parties agreed there was no wrongdoing” by the litigants or their attorneys, the Associated Press reports.

“This matter has caused enormous pain, but I had to protect my family, and I did,” O’Reilly, the father of two, said on his top-rated news show Thursday. “All I can say to you is please do not believe everything you hear and read.”

On Oct. 13, Mackris, a producer on O’Reilly’s show, sued the commentator, alleging that he made sexually explicit phone calls and suggestions to her over a period of time. O’Reilly had struck first earlier in the day, hitting Mackris with a suit of his own when it became clear that her legal action was imminent. O’Reilly said the producer was trying to extort “hush money” from him.

Under the terms of the agreement, according to the statement released by Green, “all parties and their representatives have agreed that all information relating to the cases shall remain confidential,” AP reports.

The statement did not say whether any monetary decision was involved with the settlement.