In 2006, PEOPLE spoke with multiple women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault, some of whom are detailed in a recently unearthed deposition

Updated July 19, 2015 06:00 PM
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Out of the dozens of women who have come forward with detailed claims of the alleged abuse they suffered at the hands of Bill Cosby, a newly released deposition from a civil suit in 2005 has the comedian admitting to giving drugs and having sexual encounters with at least four of them.

Some of these women, along with other accusers, originally opened up to PEOPLE in 2006, shedding their previous Jane Doe status in hopes of giving a voice to other victims. Here is a look at the women Cosby discusses in the unearthed documents, and what they themselves had to say about their ordeal.

Andrea Constand

The scandal took off in 2005 when Temple University basketball employee Andrea Constand went to the police with a complaint that Cosby had drugged her and forced her to touch him intimately. In his deposition, originally obtained by the New York Times, Cosby recalls wooing Constand by “Inviting her to my house, talking to her about personal situations dealing with her life, growth, education.”

While Cosby claimed that their sexual relationship was consensual, Constand s lawyer told PEOPLE in 2005 “she considered it to be more of a grandfatherly relationship. This was a man she trusted.” Constand settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Beth Ferrier

In the deposition, Cosby describes similar tactics used to get close to model Beth Ferrier whom he met in the 80s. Asked whether he inquired about her recently deceased father in order to further his goal of having sex with her, Cosby answered “Yes.”

Ferrier told PEOPLE in 2014 that she suspected Cosby had slipped something into her cappuccino. “I woke up in my car with my clothes all a mess,” she said. “I was definitely drugged. All I had to drink was coffee and the room was spinning. I wondered, I still wonder, ‘What did he do with me? Why was my bra unhooked? What happened?’ ”

Following the incident, Ferrier says she entered into an on and off affair with Cosby that lasted several years. But after coming forward with her story in 2006, a story Cosby’s camp vehemently denied, “I lost everything,” she told PEOPLE.

Despite this, Ferrier told PEOPLE earlier this month that she now feels it is “safe” for other Jane Does to come forward.

“We have been telling the truth,” she said. “Other Jane Does – come forward. It’s safe now.”

Therese Serignese

Serignese was just 19 when she says Cosby invited her backstage after one of his shows in Las Vegas, where he allegedly offered her Quaaludes and raped her.

“I felt powerless,” she told PEOPLE of her ordeal. After being offered Quaaludes, “I didn’t know what to do, so I just obeyed. I just did it.” Cosby, on the other hand describes his use of the drugs as socially acceptable at the time.

“The same as a person would say have a drink,” he says in the deposition. Though, asked if Serignese was able to consent to the sex, Cosby responded “I don t know.” The answer, Serignese told PEOPLE, was no.

“My next memory is being in that vanity room, by that big mirror, and he didn’t have any clothes on, and obviously I didn’t either by that point. I don’t know how they got off. I don’t have that memory.” Years after serving as Jane Doe #10 in the civil suit, Serignese said she’s still waiting on “an apology.”

Along with these women, Cosby admitted to pursuing another 19-year-old who sent him a poem. Soon after, she wound up on his couch, where he says she touched him sexually.

In total dozens of women have made accusations against Cosby, including famous models like Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson.

Cosby has never been charged with a crime connected to the alleged assaults and his lawyer has previously called the accusations “utter nonsense.” His lawyer did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment on the newly released deposition.