"Shame on you," one woman shouted repeatedly at ticket holders in Kitchener

Credit: S Fernandez/Splash News Online

Bill Cosby fans saw the embattled comedian perform in Canada on Wednesday night, but ticket holders had to deal with heckling from protesters before they even made it inside.

“Shame on you,” one woman shouted repeatedly at attendees outside the Theatre in the Square in Kitchener, Ontario, reports the Toronto Star.

Other protesters, who gathered despite wind chills of -20 degrees Fahrenheit to register their outrage at the sexual assault allegations against Cosby, held up signs with slogans like “Rape is not a joke.”

The Star characterized the protest as “small but determined.”

One protester, Stella Goertzen, said Cosby shouldn’t have been in Kitchener at all. “I think they should have closed down the venue and just said, you know what, this is not good for our city,” she said. “I’m against violence against women.”

Activists also organized a music event Wednesday called Voices Carry to raise funds for a local sexual assault center and women’s crisis services. That event was so popular that it was moved to larger venue.

The Star also wrote a lengthy review of the comedy show itself, saying Cosby was generally received warmly. “First of all, thank you,” he said to the audience at the outset.

The famed comedian, 73, has been dealing for months with allegations that he drugged and assaulted many different women over several decades. Earlier on Wednesday, three new women stepped forward with sexual allegations against him.

Cosby is due to perform in two more Ontario cities on Thursday and Friday. Protests are planned in both towns. At least 10 of Cosby’s shows were cancelled in the U.S. recently.