One attendee at the performance is arrested after heckling the comedian and calling him a "rapist"

Credit: S Fernandez/Splash News Online

To many, the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby are no laughing matter. But the comedian himself joked about them during a performance Thursday in Canada.

The incident came midway through his show in London, Ontario, when a woman in the front row stood up and started walking out, the National Post reports. Cosby asked her something, and she apparently replied that she was going to get a drink – and asked him if he wanted one.

“You have to be careful about drinking around me,” Cosby, 77, replied, drawing a collective “oooooh” from the crowd, followed by some cheering.

Blackburn News reporter Ashton Patis was at the show, and confirmed that account.

Later in the show, two men were ejected from the performance when one of them yelled “You are a rapist!” at Cosby. The heckler was then arrested under the Trespass to Property Act for failing to show ID, the National Post reports.

As happened Wednesday at his Kitchener, Ontario, show, a small group gathered outside the Budweiser Arena in London on Thursday night to protest Cosby’s appearance. One of them, Kim Petrie, yelled “Shame on you!” at ticket holders, adding: “Thirty women! Daughters, mothers, sisters!”

Almost two dozen women have stepped forward to claim that Cosby drugged and assaulted them over the years, The comedian’s lawyer has called the new allegations “fantastical” and “unsubstantiated.” Cosby has one more Canadian show remaining – Friday night in Hamilton, Ontario. Protests are expected there as well.