June 20, 2002 12:00 PM

TV’s favorite father of the ’80s, Bill Cosby, is no fan of popular MTV dad Ozzy Osbourne and his brood. Of the reality-show smash “The Osbournes,” the Cos, 64, tells the syndicated show “Access Hollywood” in an interview to be broadcast Thursday night: “This is a sad family, it is a sad case. The children are sad, and the parents are sad. And this is not entertainment.” (Highlights of Cosby’s views appear in Thursday morning’s New York Daily News and New York Post.) He likens laughing at the dysfunction of the Osbournes to “laughing at Tiny Tim. . . . It is the kind of entertainment that you look at, but you wouldn’t want in your home And I don’t like to look at things like that.” MTV had no comment for the News regarding the Cosby put-down, but the Post quotes an Osbourne family spokesman as saying, “I’m not surprised that there’s another celebrity jumping on the Obsournes’ bandwagon to get publicity for themselves.” Included in Cosby’s comments is that the media “need to stop with this Ozzy Osbourne.” From 1984-92, Cosby played the funny but firm father Dr. Cliff Huxtable on NBC’s “The Cosby Show.”

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