"We believe the women," a group of protestors shouted during Cosby's Friday night show in Canada
Credit: S Fernandez/Splash News Online

Bill Cosby was confronted by female hecklers during his third and final show of his Canadian tour on Friday night.

After the audience was warned of possible disruptions during the comedian’s performance at Hamilton Place Theater in Ontario, the group of approximately 30 hecklers stood up and chanted, “We believe the women,” before leaving the venue voluntarily, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As Cosby tried to calm the audience, which included others yelling, “We believe the men, we love you, Bill,” security moved in on the group of women, who had taken off their coats to display their handmade shirts, which were written with “We Believe the Women” on the front. But before they could be shown the door, Cosby called out to the security team, “Stop, stop, let them … let them have their say.”

“Our product is steel, our strength is people,” one woman shouted, referencing the city’s mills.

Following the women’s departure, a man stood up in the audience and yelled, “You’re a piece of s—. You rapist,” before being escorted outside.

Prior to the protesters’ shouts, Cosby addressed the crowd, saying, “Whatever happens here tonight, if there’s some sort of outburst, we just have to remain calm and things will be taken care of.”

Security at the show was extremely tight, with bags being checked at the door and police officers standing in the aisles.

But the hecklers weren’t the first group to speak out in support of the women who have come forward with allegations of sexual assault against Cosby. While protesters stood outside shouting, “Shame on you,” during one show, a second show was interrupted when an audience member stood up and called the comedian a rapist.

Despite a growing list of women who have alleged that Cosby drugged and assaulted them over a span of several decades, the actor’s lawyer denies any truth to the allegations.

“I want to thank all of you here tonight because you stayed with what you believed in,” Cosby said during Friday night’s show.