Mark Whitaker's Cosby: His Life and Times has come under fire for not including the accusations, which date back to at least 2005
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Author Mark Whitaker has acknowledged that he should have addressed the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby in his recently published biography Cosby: His Life and Times.

“I was wrong to not deal with the sexual assault charges against Cosby and pursue them more aggressively,” he Tweeted on Monday in response to a column penned by The New York Times‘s David Carr.

“I am following new developments and will address them at the appropriate time,” Whitaker continued. “If true the stories are shocking and horrible.”

When asked by The Daily Beast about why he chose not to include the accusations, which date back to at least 2005, in his 545-page book, Whitaker said he had been unable to establish independent confirmation.

“I wasn’t going to reprint the allegations,” he said. “When you’re writing a book, you want to make sure it’s really accurate, that you can stand behind it, because once it’s out it’s not like a piece in a newspaper or even a news magazine that you can correct quickly.

“I certainly would not have anticipated the degree to which this has become a huge issue again,” he continued. “Obviously the story has changed, and I’m going to have to address that in future editions of the book, if not sooner.”

“Mark is reporting the story and following it like everyone else,” the author’s publicist told PEOPLE when reached for comment.

More than a dozen women have come forward against Cosby, alleging that he drugged and sexually abused them.

Though initially well-received, Cosby: His Life and Times has garnered a bevy of one-star reviews on Amazon of late in response to the scandal.

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