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September 16, 2016 02:00 AM

Bill Clinton gave a thumbs up on The Daily Show Thursday night for wife Hillary Clinton’s improved health and return to the campaign trail earlier in the day after taking time off to recover from pneumonia.

“She looked great when she left this morning,” Clinton told host Trevor Noah. “She just called, she got home and she still feels great. Big deal, she had pneumonia, people get it all the time.”

When asked if he was afraid when he saw the video of his wife stumbling with help into a van as she left a 9/11 memorial service in New York on Sunday, the former president appeared unperturbed.

“You’re always concerned but I was pretty sure I knew what it was,” Clinton said. “Because she had been working hard, she was dehydrated, she had been standing up a long time there. She wanted to go to the 9/11 ceremony. We both thought it would be OK.

“It used to be called, when I was young, walking pneumonia. But sometimes you can’t walk anymore and you’ve got to rest and that’s what she did.”

As Clinton sat down with Noah, the former commander in chief said: “I watch you. I’m one of your older demographic.”

“Oh, I would have thought you were 18 to 34,” replied Noah.

“No,” said Clinton, laughing, “I don’t even think that when I look in the mirror.”

The exchange was an apparent jab at Donald Trump, who in an interview that aired earlier Thursday with Dr. Oz, the 70-year-old Republican nominee said that when he looked in the mirror, he sees “a person that’s 35 years old.” Clinton is also 70.

Noah asked Clinton about a theme of the contentious campaign: “More of the same or do you want an outsider, a man who doesn’t believe in logic and ideas? Someone who thinks differently?”

“That’s actually accurate,” said Clinton.

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Clinton pointed out “one big difference” between those voting for his wife and those supporting Trump.

“Most of her strongest supporters are people who have worked for her or done business with him. Most of his strongest supporters are – I am against this administration and I want something new.”

Clinton acknowledged that he is a “product of what is supposed to be be Hillary’s opponent’s base – the non-college educated, small-town rural white working class.” And, he added: “I watched unscrupulous politicians play my people since I was a little boy.”

Clinton conveyed an urgency about what Trump’s divisiveness has created.

“If we give in to this lowest common denominator, that everyone is our enemy, tell me something bad, let’s demonize,” he said, “we could blow it all and we could lead the world in a very different direction. That’s why the election is so important.”

Clinton also said that if his wife is elected president, he “can’t be involved at all” with the Clinton Foundation, which works closely with foreign governments to provide help to impoverished people around the world. The final Clinton Global Initiative meeting will be held next week in New York City.

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This was Clinton’s 10th visit to The Daily Show, but his first since Trevor Noah became host.

Noah ended the appearance with a present for Clinton – a shower of red, white and blue balloons falling upon his head, which brought out hearty laughs from the former president. At the Democratic National Convention, photos of Clinton playing with balloons went viral.

Said Clinton, laughing: “I really am in my second childhood.”

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