It was love at first watermelon for Hillary Clinton
Credit: Courtesy Hillary Clinton

Before Bill Clinton‘s love affair with balloons, his true passion was watermelons – Arkansas watermelons, to be exact.

Allow us to explain. In his intimate speech at the Democratic convention last week, the former president described in great detail the moment he first laid eyes on his future wife in 1971, while they were both students at Yale Law School.

But what about the moment Hillary Clinton first saw Bill?

The other side of the Clintons’ love story for the ages took center stage on Wednesday, which just so happened to be National Watermelon Day.

Bill took to Twitter to explain why watermelons will always hold a special place in his heart: “Hillary says the first thing she ever heard me talk about was Arkansas watermelons. In honor of Nat’l Watermelon Day, I salute them again!”

Hillary previously shared this story during a recent appearance on the Steve Harvey Show, explaining that the first time she saw Bill he was talking to a group of people about how his state grows “the biggest watermelons in the world.”

Her interest piqued, Hillary asked around about the watermelon enthusiast and someone told her, “That’s Bill Clinton. He’s from Arkansas; that’s all he ever talks about.”

And the rest is herstory.