Bill and Hillary Clinton know how to get down

By Diana Pearl
Updated August 17, 2015 05:25 PM
Credit: Selcuk Acar/Anadolu Agency/Getty

Just add “life of the party” to Hillary Clinton’s (already lengthy) rèsumè.

At a birthday party for Vernon Jordan, a civil rights leader and former Clinton administration adviser, both Bill and Hillary hit the dance floor – with some super cute results.

The two swayed back and forth, holding hands before separating to clap in time to the jazzy beat. Their moves may not win them a spot on Dancing with the Stars (although how great would that be?), but they’re still pretty commendable.

The Clintons weren’t the only high-powered political couple in attendance that evening: Barack and Michelle Obama were there, too. Joining them were a few other famous names, such as Morgan Freeman and Henry Louis Gates.

POTUS-es past and present had already hung out that day on the golf course, playing a game with Jordan and ambassador Ron Kirk to celebrate Jordan’s birthday.

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Both President Obama and President Clinton gave toasts during the festivities, too.

It was a busy weekend for the presidential hopeful, however, who spent the earlier part of Saturday meeting voters at the Iowa State Fair. Really, her jam-packed day makes her energy on the dance floor all the more impressive.

Nothing like a few hours of dancing to help cure campaign-induced stress!