Biggs Too Big?

“American Pie” actor Jason Biggs, 22, sounds worried that he’s too much of a good thing. “Everywhere you turn, you see me in a movie — and I’m sorry,” Biggs confesses in the new issue of PEOPLE. Besides last summer’s kid’s comedy, Biggs surfaced in “Boys and Girls,” and now he opens in this week’s new comedy “Loser,” in which he plays a college nerd. Biggs identifies with that latest role, in part, because he got picked on at his New Jersey high school — for being a child actor. “People would see me in a Nickelodeon commercial and I would hear about it the next day at school. Kids would (heckle), ‘Hi, TV Boy.’ ” As for his current career, the former TV Boy says, “People must be saying, ‘God, Biggs again? Can’t we get away from this guy?’ ”

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