Jason Biggs says he’s proud of his humiliating scenes in the “American Pie” films. If the star’s embarrassing sex scenes made you laugh with glee, then Biggs is a happy man. “I love doing these scenes. I will do just about anything for the sake of a laugh, and I love that I got to take these big risks, and I love physical comedy, it’s my favorite thing in the world to do,” the 23-year-old told the Associated Press. The first film had Biggs getting friendly with an apple pie and publicizing himself over the Internet. Now, Biggs and the rest of the gang from 1999’s “American Pie” are back for another round of gags. The characters — including “Ox” (Chris Klein), “Vicki” (Tara Reid) and “Stifler” (Seann William Scott) — have finished their freshman year in college and are together for the summer at a Michigan lake house. Biggs says he was reluctant to make the sequel, but glad he went for it. “The first one was so special for all of us that we didn’t really want to mess with it. We wanted to leave it alone and let it be. And so the idea of a sequel was met with hesitation on all of our parts. (But) I’m glad I’m the guy that went for it.”