Big Payday for Lawyers in Britney Spears Case

The court orders nearly $400,000 of singer's money to be paid for legal fees

Photo: Fame

A Los Angeles court on Thursday ordered payment of nearly $400,000 to the numerous lawyers involved in Britney Spears‘s affairs – with the pop star footing the bill.

All the attorneys have been working on the case for less than three months.

Samuel Ingham, Spears’s court-appointed attorney, will continue to receive $10,000 a week, Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled.

Andrew Wallet, the co-conservator of Spears’s finances, will receive an advance of $100,000. (Wallet had not been paid since becoming involved last February.).

The firm which won Jamie Spears control of his daughter’s affairs will also be advanced $175,000, and a lawyer representing Britney’s brother Bryan Spears will get $22,500, while Stacy Phillips, Britney’s new divorce lawyer, will receive $75,000.

The singer’s father and Wallet remain in control of her life until a July 31 hearing.

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