Lawon and Brendon face off in the returning houseguest twist

By Patrick Gomez
Updated August 12, 2011 03:00 PM
Credit: CBS (2)

It was eviction night on Big Brother, but Thursday’s show was all about the returning-houseguest twist.

Lawon ended Wednesday’s episode by asking to go up on the block thinking that if he was evicted, “I have a 99 percent chance of coming back in to the game with super powers.”

But the joke was on him, because, as the Chenbot put it with a sly smile on her face Thursday, “there is no special power.” All that was missing was a maniacal, evil-genius laugh.

Lawon used his nomination to show off his “acting skills” by pretending to be shocked, but “Sketchy” Shelly put on her detective hat and began to interrogate the newly nominated houseguest.

“When he starts lying he gets a bad boy persona,” Shelly said of “Lawonderful” who thought he was giving “the performance of a lifetime.”

Meanwhile, Kalia and Danielle took the opportunity of Lawon’s “bold move” to strike a deal with Rachel to guarantee their safety in the coming weeks. “If these girls are stupid enough to keep me in the house this week they are definitely going to feel the wrath of Rachel,” the red head said in the diary room.

Not that Danielle wants to work with her arch nemesis, in fact, “every time she opens her mouth I wanna punch it closed.”

As Shelly put it, “the whole thing is wakadoodle.”

With Kalia and Danielle telling Rachel to keep their deal a secret, and Shelly and Jordan telling her “if you go up there and talk to them again we’re voting you out,” Rachel had to do the hardest thing she’s probably ever done – keep her mouth shut.

But even though Rachel successfully kept quiet for once in her life, Detective Shelly was back on the case, inferring to Danielle that Rachel had spilled the beans “because she was acting so weird.”

And so Danielle was stuck between a (dumb-as-a) rock and a hard place when deciding her vote.

“You have one that needs to be locked up and one that’s going to stab me in my sleep,” she told Shelly of the nominees.

In the end, despite feeling she would “regret” the decision, Danielle – and the entire rest of the house – decided to evict Lawon. But instead of leaving the house, Lawon was sent to compete for his spot back in the game against a previously evicted houseguest voted in by America.

And, after two million votes, it was Brendon. (Because, clearly, America is full of masochists.) The head-to-head “most important battle of the summer” wasn’t even close with Brendon steamrolling over the “handsomified” Lawon.

So, Brenchel was reunited and Lawon was sent packing he didn’t even get a live interview with the Chenbot!