February 16, 2004 01:00 AM

With Janet Jackson looking on, Beyoncé Knowles put on quite a vigorous performance during the halftime show of the NBA’s All-Star game Sunday, undoubtedly leaving many spectators wondering whether she would be able to contain herself.

Clad in a V-neck dress that concealed her breasts — but just barely — Beyoncé ran through a version of Donna Summer’s disco-era smash, “Love to Love You Baby.” Knowles danced in front of a wind machine on a platform at midcourt, but she managed to keep her assets intact, although at times her thin top seemed stretched to the max.

Meanwhile, Jackson, dressed demurely and holding a bouquet of roses, watched courtside, Reuters reports.

TNT, which aired the game, was prepared for any revealing moments, however. In the wake of Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s maligned performance at the Super Bowl halftime show two weeks earlier, the network used a seven-second broadcast delay to safeguard against any unintentional shots hitting the airwaves.

Christina Aguilera, no stranger to controversy herself, started the evening conservatively when she delivered the national anthem fully clothed in jeans and a jacket.

Meanwhile, Jackson seemed to regain some of her cachet over the weekend. On Friday, in her first public appearance since the Super Bowl, she received an award at a fund-raiser for Behind the Bench, an association of wives of NBA players, for her humanitarian and charitable contributions, the Associated Press reports.

“She has done a wonderful job giving back to communities across America,” a spokesman for the group said, adding that Jackson’s participation in the event had been set for months. “We never even considered her not being here.”

Formed in 1995, Behind the Bench raised $1 million for charities in Los Angeles, which hosted this year’s NBA All-Star game.

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