Lemonade premiered on HBO on Saturday
Credit: Source: Beyonce/YouTube

From maybe-breakup to maybe-makeup – Beyoncé took fans on a spiritual journey on Saturday night with her HBO special, Lemonade. The hour-long special, which featured songs from her just-released album (called, what else? Lemonade) started off dealing with themes of infidelity, with Queen Bey playing the role of a woman scorned. However, the special wasn’t just about romance, touching on subjects of race (including appearances by Michael Brown’s family members) and feminism.

While it’s great to go down a Saturday night journey with Beyoncé, Lemonade was also a visual feast for the eyes. Now, let’s celebrate it with the power of GIFs.

Things get serious from minute one, with Beyoncé jumping from a building.

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For the first full song, Bey came out, bats blazing. Literally.

But also, you realize this song will be your new summer jam.

Like, you really can’t wait for summer.

And then she crushed it all with a monster truck.

But Bey wasn’t done, taking things to another fierce level for her next song.

Then – in the middle of all this awesomeness – she delivered a strong message to her super fans.

And then got down to twerking with none other than Serena Williams!

Basically we learned one big lesson from Lemonade – do not toy with Beyoncé’s emotions.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade premiered on HBO on Saturday. Her new album, also called Lemonade was released on Saturday at 10 p.m. ET.