The star debuted the self-assured sweatshirt on her website Friday

By Jeff Nelson
May 22, 2015 08:45 PM
Courtesy Beyonce Knowles

Who run the world?

That was rhetorical – Beyoncé, obviously.

But, just in case anyone forgot, the megastar posted some flawless shots on her website Friday evening as a quick reminder.

The photos find the singer, 33, decked in a cozy-looking, white crew neck sweatshirt by a black and white story with the words “queen bee” emblazoned on her chest, complete with phonetic spelling (“kwi:n bi:”), part of speech (noun) and definition (“i call the shots”).

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No word yet whether the attitude-filled top will be available for purchase, but we can confirm it pairs perfectly with a set of sexy Daisy Dukes – if your gam game is as strong as Bey’s, anyway.