Everyone can relax: It turns out it's perfectly okay to look Beyoncé in the eyes

By Adam Carlson
Updated June 18, 2016 09:35 AM
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Everyone can relax: It turns out it’s perfectly okay to look Beyoncé in the eyes, despite a viral photo to the contrary.

“Both Beyoncé and Jay Z were beyond polite and very gracious,” Steve Cespedes announced on Twitter Friday, after a photo of him sitting next to the musical couple had begun spreading around the Internet.

In that photo, taken during game six of the NBA Finals, on Thursday, Beyoncé appeared to be shooting Cespedes a cutting side-eye. The Huffington Post picked it up Thursday night, with the headline “Never Look Beyoncé In The Eyes, You Fool.”

There was, of course, more than one tweet on the matter.

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But Cespedes said Beyoncé thought the whole thing was funny, and the two even posed for a second, sillier photo – her idea, he said.

And as Cespedes wrote to another user, joking, “Bey wouldn’t leave me alone last night.”