Beyoncé: Self-Confidence Is Sexy

A pair of stilettos helps, but the singer says loving yourself is first step to living a healthy life

Photo: Courtesy Cosmopolitan

How does Beyoncé keep hubby Jay-Z enticed? She makes herself feel sexy first.

“Put on good music and something that makes you feel great,” the singer tells the U.K. edition of Cosmopolitan for its April issue, sharing her tips for feeling sensual. “I love a pair of high, sexy stilettos with a beautiful dress.”

“Never be predictable,” she says. “Mix it up. Surprise him. Change your hair. Be the woman he knows with a little bit of a twist.”

But the most important ingredient is confidence, the singer, 29, says.

“You can be beautiful but if you’re not secure in yourself,” she says, “you don’t come across as sexy.”

When it comes to beauty, the singer-actress says Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry (“She has great arms”) and Kim Kardashian make it look effortless. Still, she admits, it takes commitment to maintain a healthy body and a healthy self-image.

“I love my butter pecan ice cream,” she says, “but I also love to work out. We all have our issues. Mine is arms and legs, keeping them tight and toned. It takes work, believe me.”

“My attitude is, there is always room for growth,” Beyoncé says. “I feel more comfortable about expressing myself.”

As for her future and life with Jay-Z, “Yes, I do want to embrace what happens next and family,” she says. “It’s funny how your outlook changes as you get older, how you look at life – at other women – in a different way.”

“I have so much admiration for women who are mothers,” she says, “who balance family and work.”

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