Jay Z Made a Surprise Appearance in Beyoncé's Cute Elevator Pic

Even being half of a Hollywood power couple doesn't mean Jay Z can't take a fierce photo

Photo: Courtesy Beyonce

Even Jay Z is an Instagram husband.

Beyoncé released a series of photos documenting her family’s trip to Paris during the European leg of the Formation World tour. One the cute pics posted to her website shows Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy in matching Gucci dresses, while another shows Bey and Jay looking very romantic in front of the Eiffel Tower. But there’s one photo in particular that’s driving the internet wild.

Whether it was accidental or on purpose, Jay Z caught his reflection in the mirror as he snapped a picture of his wife wearing a mint green dress in an elevator.

Fans declared Jay Z the face of Instagram husbands – men who are forced to be the photographer in their wives’ mission to achieve the perfect social media snap – and started imagining scenarios that led to the photo.


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The creator of the Instagram Husband tumblr has even weighed in.

Being half of a Hollywood power couple doesn’t mean Jay Z can’t take a fierce photo.

Beyoncé is currently bringing the Formation World Tour across Europe with her husband and daughter in tow.

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