Beyoncé 'Wouldn't Recommend' Liquid Diet

The singer says she lost 20 lbs. quickly on the regimen, but put it on again

Photo: Eric Field/Splash News

Beyoncé says she went on a liquid diet to lose 20 lbs. for her role in the movie Dreamgirls – but she doesn’t suggest that other people do the same.

“It was a liquid diet where you lose weight really fast,” the singer, 24, told Britain’s GMTV morning show Thursday when asked about rumors that she’d lost weight on a maple syrup-based regimen. “I would not recommend it if someone wasn’t doing a movie, because there are other ways to lose weight.

“But I need to lose it really quick, and I put the weight back on as soon as I finished, so I am no smaller or bigger than I’ve always been. It was strictly for the movie.”

In the film, based on the Broadway musical and due in theaters in December, Beyoncé plays the svelte lead singer of a ’60s girl group loosely based on the Supremes. “It’s great because I look at (the movie) and I don’t recognize myself – which was the point,” she told GMTV.

But she’s happy her liquid-diet days are over. “The funniest part was putting the weight back on and eating my doughnuts and all the other things,” she said. “So now I’m back to my body. I’m very conscious of being a curvy woman and I’m very happy that I am a curvy woman.”

On Wednesday night, Beyoncé celebrated her upcoming album, B’Day – to be released on her 25th birthday, Sept. 4 – at a playback party at London’s Volstead club.

Although she told GMTV she can’t really experience a city when she travels there for work, she admitted she did notice one thing about British men: “I love the way the guys dress. I love their little tight pants, and their haircuts are so cute!”

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