Beyoncé Launches New True Star Fragrance

The "Crazy in Love" singer joins Tommy Hilfiger to give haute London a pleasant whiff

Beyoncé left the biggest names of pop and fashion waiting for more than an hour Monday night at London launch party for True Star, her new fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger.

But when she arrived, the “Crazy in Love” singer sashayed through the crowds in an eye-popping satin baby blue dress with Hilfiger by her side. The pop star, 22, without boyfriend Jay-Z, is in London for two days to promote the new scent, which will hit U.S. stores in September, followed by additional products in December.

“I’m so thrilled, it’s so exciting to be a part of this, it’s historical for me,” she said. “There’s not many women in the world who can say they have their own fragrance, and not many black woman, so this is wonderful. It’s so classy and so timeless and so beautiful.”

Asked by PEOPLE to describe Beyoncé in three words, Hilfiger, 52, replied with a huge grin: “A True Star.”

Hilfiger said he chose her simply because: “She’s a real person, she may be the most famous superstar in the world today but she’s down to earth.”

The commercial for the scent is in black and white and has Beyoncé singing “Wishing On a Star” a cappella as she tumbles around provocatively. Famed fashion photog Mario Testino shot the print ad campaign.

And Beyoncé’s bootylicious fee to front the fragrance? “She was paid $250,000 for this campaign,” Matthew Growdon, national marketing manager for Aramis, tells PEOPLE. “We get her for 10 days a year. That includes everything: shoots, launches … easy money.”

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