The look-alike – hired by a local radio station – fools onlookers during a VIP tour

By Steve Helling and Simon Perry
Updated April 30, 2009 11:00 AM
Andreas Tischler; inset: Startraks

The Albertina Museum in Austria got an exciting call on Tuesday: A manager for Beyoncé Knowles said that the star was on her way over.

“We have had Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage visit here,” says museum press officer Verena Dahlitz. “So this was not big news for us – to have celebrities visit.”

Thirty minutes later, a stretch limo arrived and a sunglass-wearing woman stepped out surrounded by five burly bodyguards. Museum officials were immediately skeptical. “She was too thin for Beyoncé,” says Dahlitz. “I thought she had probably lost weight.”

Still, the museum director gave the woman a VIP tour. After all, there were screaming fans outside, and officials assumed that she was just one of those stars who look different in person than they do on television. Later, the museum learned that the woman actually wasn’t Knowles, but an impersonator sent by a local radio station, Krona Hit Radio.

“We were fooled,” admits Dahlitz. But the museum is taking the prank in stride: “We must be the most important museum in Vienna,” says Dahlitz, “because they chose us.”

A rep for Knowles could not be reached for comment